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house of done  is a collaboration between 2 french sisters, Zabo and Nathalie Chabiland.
They began experimenting at an early age following the evolution of their father‘s inventions, from prototype to production, developing a familiarity with a variety of material and processes. The sisters soon integrated jewelry making among other interests into their way of live to live with a small scale, almost portable workshop that could follow them in different cities they lived in. 

Nathalie studied history of architecture in Paris and is currently finishing her PHD. 
Her designs are ergonomic with a will to reach simplicity.
She is very interested in how our senses deal with the visual/tactile quality of the material, but also focuses on systems allowing personal modifications and possible interactions.
Nathalie lives in Paris

Zabo studied at the International Center of Photography and at the International Sculpture Center of New York. She is an working in such fields as photography, performance, music, sculpture and video and design.
In the early 90th she began an ongoing project called Doodle TV: Videos of unpredicted moments where around the corner is the unknown and where everything is given by life. Zabo grabs those omens, she transforms, assembles and transposes them in a very spontaneous way into her own realm of reality. Zabo creates jewelry in the same way. Her designs do not evolve from drawing but are each charged with a past and a story of their own. Far beyond the polarities of gender or ages, the pieces personality often merges with those of the people the wear them. 
Like the collection their own story expands. Zabo lives in Berlin

You can view Zabo‘ s works on her website: www.zabo.chabiland.com

house of done is all about mutation, growing from the old to the new, out of an organic/urban environment.
 A mix.